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February 2022

Khiron Life Sciences Corp. is one of the world’s leading medical cannabis companies. Not only in Latin American countries such as Colombia, Peru, Brazil and now soon Mexico, Khiron has long been strongly represented in the market for medical cannabis, but also in Europe, and here especially in Great Britain and Germany, Khiron has been able to gain a foothold and establish itself.

Among other things, it is remarkable how Khiron cares for patients with technical know-how and professionalism. In several specially designed state-of-the-art clinics and telemedicine platforms, doctors are trained and knowledge is generated in a medical field that is becoming increasingly important. Khiron’s first clinic in Europe will now start operations in London.

The modern clinic – digital and personal care

As a specialist clinic for medical cannabis, Zerenia Clinics UK in London’s Chelsea district will in future be available to a large number of patients, giving them access to medical cannabis. On the one hand, Zerenia Clinics UK is a digital clinic that can be reached by anyone in the UK at zereniaclinic.co.uk. But it will also be possible for patients to have face-to-face consultations with medical cannabis specialists. Initially, the Zerenia Clinic will focus on the treatment of pain with cannabis. Later, the scope of activities will be expanded to include mental health, gynaecology, neurology and oncology.

Zerenia Clinics UK is a win-win for both patient and company

Of course, Zerenia Clinics UK will also be a commercial success for Khiron and bring with it an increase in sales on the European markets. Especially in the UK, Khiron will be able to strengthen its presence with the new clinic and thus give many people access to medical cannabis. This will then also increase the demand for the company’s products, so it’s a win-win situation for both the company and the patients. Khiron had already been able to position itself strongly on the British market with project Twenty21. Twenty21 is a subsidised pricing model for cannabinoid-based medicines, for which Khiron is the exclusive supplier from Latin America. The project has made it much easier for patients to receive treatment with medical cannabis.

You can find the complete (German-language) article from 03.11.2021 here:  https://www.hanf-magazin.com/news/zerenia-clinics-uk-khiron-eroeffnet-erste-klinik-in-europa/

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