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April 2022

5 years of medical cannabis on prescription - the most important questions and answers

Since the so-called “Cannabis Act” came into force on March 10, 2017, doctors have been able to prescribe medical cannabis to patients with serious illnesses and in the absence of alternative therapies. Prior approval must be obtained from the health insurance company. What requirements must be met, what must be taken into account when supplying prescriptions to pharmacies, and what was that again about hash codes? We have compiled the most important questions and answers – for you to brush up on and read again and again.

Which cannabis medicines may be prescribed?

With changes in the Narcotic Drugs Act (BtMG), Narcotic Prescription Regulation (BtMVV) and the Fifth Social Code (SGB V), cannabis flowers and extracts as well as dronabinol preparations may be prescribed on a narcotics prescription at the expense of a health insurance company.

Is there an authorization requirement for medical cannabis?

Patients with a serious illness are entitled to a supply of medical cannabis in accordance with Section 31 (6) of the German Social Code Book V (SGB V). Physicians must obtain approval from the health insurance fund before the start of therapy, which may only be refused in justified exceptional cases. For patients with private health insurance, there is no approval requirement for medical cannabis. Nevertheless, it can come to the refusal of the assumption of costs. However, the pharmacy has no obligation to check in this regard, but to avoid a retaxation it is advisable to ask the health insurance company before the prescription supply whether this is available. If the approval for cannabis flowers exists, then since the law for more security in the supply of medicines (GSAV) came into force in 2019, a new approval does not have to be obtained if the flower variety is changed. […]

You can find the complete (German language) article from the DAZ from 09.03.2022 here: https://www.deutsche-apotheker-zeitung.de/news/artikel/2022/03/09/5-jahre-medizinisches-cannabis-auf-rezept-die-wichtigsten-fragen-und-antworten

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