Zerenia Clinic UK

Complaints Policy

Zerenia aims to provide accessible and responsive patient-centred complaints handling. We investigate all received complaints as they are integrally linked to continuous service improvements and patient safety.

Our policy has been developed in accordance with NHS Complaints Regulations, the following is a summary of the principles contained within the Zerenia Complaints Policy:

  • Complainants have 6 months from the occurrence giving rise to the complaint or from the time that they became aware of the matter in which to raise a complaint.
  • Complaints can be made by patients or anyone affected by the service. Complaints can be submitted by either the patient (person affected) or a friend, relative or advocate acting on their behalf; in these instances, we will require consent from the patient / person affected to share the investigation findings with the complainant.
  • Complainants will be treated with respect and courtesy and will be told the outcome of the investigation.
  • Each complaint received will be investigated by the most appropriate member of the management team, taking into consideration the subject matter of the complaint.
  • All complaints will be acknowledged in writing within 3 working days of receipt of the original complaint; this will contain timescale in which a full written response will be completed.
  • Each complaint will be investigated appropriately and as quickly as is reasonably possible. In most cases the investigation will be completed within four weeks of receiving the complaint. If the complaint is complex additional time may be required and this will be communicated to the complainant either in the initial acknowledgment letter or later via a holding letter.
  • Once the investigation is complete a response letter will be sent to the complainant (or the patient where applicable and as agreed) sharing how the complaint was investigated, the evidence considered, and the conclusion reached. The letter will also include any key learning points and actions the service has / will take as a result of its findings.
  • Information relating to medical conditions and evidence will be written in accessible language.
  • Zerenia will explain that the complainant can have a face to face meeting if they are unhappy with the complaint response and feel their complaint has not been adequately addressed. Additionally, details of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman are shared.
  • The first point of contact for all complaints is your patient coordinator who can be reached by:

Email address for complaints: info@zereniaclinic.co.uk

Telephone number: 020 4515 0797