Zerenia Clinic UK

Frequently Asked Questions

You can arrange a call-back with one of our helpful Patient Care Coordinators who can answer any questions you may have. Some of our most common questions are below:

At Zerenia, we treat a wide range of pain and psychiatric conditions in patients who have exhausted traditional treatment options. Our Patient Care Coordinators will explore your eligibility with you free of charge.

Absolutely not, you can self-refer to Zerenia Clinic.

Following a prescription being issued, our associated specialist pharmacies will dispense your medication for delivery to your home address. You can expect this to take 7 days or less.

Your medical cannabis treatment will be tailored to you, you can expect to pay between £2 to £10 per day, our compassionate Clinicians will happily discuss your budget during your appointments.

Yes. Medical cannabis was legalised in the UK on 1st November 2018.

Medical cannabis has a relatively high safety profile compared to other frequently used medicines. Most common adverse effects (somnolence, dizziness, dry mouth, euphoria) are usually mild and do not interfere with everyday life.

At Zerenia Clinic, our Clinicians prescribe from a wide formulary based on your Clinical requirements. You can expect to be prescribed dried cannabis flowers to be inhaled using a vaporizer device or medical cannabis oral extract. Our team will support you every step of the way with information on how to administer your medication.