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You can arrange a call-back with one of our helpful Patient Care Coordinators who can answer any questions you may have. Some of our most common questions are below:

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Generally, patients who have tried at least 2 licenced medication for your condition and do not have a diagnosis of Schizophrenia or Psychosis will be eligible for a medical cannabis consultation

You don’t need a referral from your doctor to make an appointment but you do need to be under the care of a doctor. You will also be asked to consent to information sharing with your GP to ensure your care is appropriately coordinated.

If our specialist doctors prescribe medical cannabis, we aim to have this delivered to you within 2-5 working days via our pharmacy partners.

Cannabis has been used by humans for millennia and there is a substantial body of evidence related to its ethnobotanical and medical value. Cannabis-based medicinal products were a very useful and relevant tool for physicians until the 1930’s, before international regulations started banning their use. The active molecules present in the cannabis plant, termed “cannabinoids”, remain the only compounds clinically approved for the modulation of the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating several key physiological processes that promote overall health and body homeostasis.

Medical cannabis is legal in the UK since November 2018. However, prescriptions are currently only accessible via private consultation with a doctor who specializes in your type of condition. This will require obtaining access to your medical records and health information from your general practitioner (GP), and letters from any specialists that you have previously seen about your condition. At Zerenia Clinics, doctors can prescribe a range of cannabis-based products for medicinal use (CBPM) to treat different medical indications.

Medical cannabis has a relatively high safety profile compared to other frequently used medicines. Most common adverse effects (somnolence, dizziness, dry mouth, euphoria) are usually mild and do not interfere with everyday life. A patient does not need to feel “high” to have a therapeutic benefit.

Medical cannabis has a lower potential for addiction compared to other pain medications, such as opiates. This risk can further be mitigated with careful dosing and titration, close monitoring, and communication with the patient.

At Zerenia, we prescribe pharmaceutical-grade cannabis-based products for medical use (CBPM) to best suit the needs of each individual patient. Our portfolio includes several formats of CBPM such as i) a premium range of dried cannabis flowers to be inhaled using a vaporizer device for a rapid onset, ii) oral extracts which are administered under the tongue with a pipette for a sustained release and iii) other customized formulations depending on each individual needs such as topical balms, sublingual lozenges, and rectal/vaginal suppositories.

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