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Repeat Prescriptions


On average, it takes 6 working days to receive your medication from the point of requesting a repeat prescription. To avoid any interruption in medication supply, we advise all patients to submit their repeat prescription request 8 working days before their medication is due to finish.

**Please note, these timeframes will increase if there is a delay in paying for your prescription or if your medication is not in stock.


As part of your ongoing medically-supervised treatment and to assess your response to the medication, you are required to book a follow up appointment with your doctor one month after your initial consultation. Your doctor will request that you book in monthly follow ups until you are stable on your medication.

If medical cannabis has been effective and well-tolerated, your doctor may ask to you to book a follow up every 3 months rather than monthly. As medical cannabis is an unlicensed medication, it can only be prescribed one month at a time.

In between follow up appointments, patients can request a repeat prescription by filling in the form below.

Important Reminders

  • Patients who book a Follow up or Initial Consultation on or after 06.11.23 will be on the revised pricing structure. For patients who qualified for complimentary Repeat Prescriptions on the old pricing structure, this will be honoured until you transfer to the new pricing structure following your next Follow Up appointment. Subsequent Repeat prescriptions will be charged at the low cost of £15. 

  • The request must be exactly the same as your previous prescription or a new follow up appointment will be required with your doctor.

  • All repeat prescriptions will be checked to confirm eligibility for a repeat. If a Follow-up is due, you will be asked to book a Follow-Up appointment and the repeat request will be cancelled.
  • Once your repeat prescription is written, it will be posted to the pharmacy within 48 hours. The pharmacy will contact you to pay for your medication.

    Repeat Prescriptions Form + Payment

    Patient Information

    First Name

    Last Name

    Date of Birth


    Contact Information


    Telephone Number


    Medication Brand or Company (e.g. Khiron, Adven etc.)

    Medication Formulation (e.g. Flower, Oil, etc.)

    Total Quantity

    If your medication is out of stock, our doctors will prescribe a clinically suitable like for like medication. If you have a preferred alternative medication, please detail it below.

    I can confirm there have been no changes in my physical or mental health since my last prescription.

    “I consent to the doctor prescribing a clinically appropriate , like for like medication, should my primary medication choice be out of stock. I understand the repeat prescription request does not include a call with the specialist.”